Welcome to The B2K Group research webpage. The B2K Group is directed by Professor Victor G. J. Rodgers in the Department of Bioengineering in the Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering  at the University of California, Riverside.

The B2K Group

The mission of the B2K Group includes two distinct elements,

  1. to develop an advanced, holistic bioengineer with both mathematical and experimental prowess who is capable of advancing solutions to contemporary systems biology and biomedical problems, and,
  2. to address and solve compelling, systems biology and biomedical problems that are rooted in transport phenomena and thermodynamics.  

B2K alumni have gone on to pursue leadership positions across the biomedical engineering spectrum, from holding tenure-track academic positions at top medical schools, being senior scientist at major health-care corporations to heading private firms. 

The current research focus of the B2K Group ranges from device development to reduce edema in spinal cord injury to mathematically analyzing intracellular hydrogen peroxide during ascorbate therapy for a cancer treatment adjuvant. Nearly all of the research done by the B2K Group is interdisciplinary and incorporates mathematical analysis that is performed, simultaneously, with experimental observation and evaluation. 

Please enjoy our website. For more information about The B2K Group, please contact Professor V. G. J. Rodgers. Thank you for visiting.